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      3D PANEL PRODUCTION LINE is the main machine of the production line, which adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, air cylinder or step motor as drive. The machine can insert, cut, control the position of the wire mesh and the EPS boards automatically to complete the production of the 3D panels.

      This production line is of high automatic manufacturing level, productive efficiency, low lack welding rate, strong welding pressure and even welding strength, The finished products (3D wire mesh panels)are in good quality and cost low.

      Technical Data:

      Rated electric power: 75KVA
      Input Voltage: AV380V50Hz
      Air source configuration: 3m3/min 0.6-0.8MPA
      Mesh material: Clod drawn low carbon steel wire or galvanized steel wire
      Mesh wire diameter: 1.8-3.0mm
      Truss wire diameter: 1.8-3.5mm
      Mesh opening: 50mmx52mm (standard)
      EPS core sheet: 70mm(stanard) 30mm-150mm
      Standard 3D panel Size: 3000mmx1220mmx70mm
      3D panel Length: ≤6000mm
      Lacking of welding: ≤3%
      Welding strength: ≥330N
      Machine Size: 13500mmx1800mmx1700mm
      Gross Weight: 4000kg
      Labors needed: 4-5 persons.